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HD Wallpaper Offline SDK 20.6.0

HD Wallpaper Offline is a mobile gallery and wallpaper system which runs under the Android platform, with an awesome material design. You do not need any programming knowledge to change application content.

With Smart AI to display ads, you will maximize your revenue.
HD Wallpaper Offline is the best choice for you.

Google Admob & FAN included

  1. SDK 20.6.0 Banner & interstitial & NativeAd

  2. Update to API32

  3. Fixed Saved Images to Gallery

Features Available

  • All content are editable.
  • Easy to add new image or category.
  • Download files as you want
  • Easy to reskin.
  • No Require Programming Knowledge.
  • Set As Wallpaer, Save or Share Wallpaper
  • Add to Favorite Mode
  • Grid Item Size Responsive Based on Screen Display Size
  • Admob and Facebook Audience Network with Banner, Native and Interstitial ads Integrated
  • Smart AI to display ads (Display FAN first, if not successfull Admob will display)
  • Rate App, More App, Share App
  • Android Code Migrated to AndroidX
    • To upload more please donate to PayPal all for Free.