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Parcheesi Ludo (Android studio + Admob + GDPR)

Update 2021 API-31, Android Studio Arctic Fox respecting Google recommendations for android development.

Ludo Partchis is the modern version of the royal Pachisi game. A Ludo game was played between kings. Roll the dice Ludo and move your chips to reach the center of the Ludo plateau. Defeat other players and become King Ludo.

Ludo Partchis suits the traditional rules and the old and traditional aspects of the Ludo game. The game Ludo has evolved over the centuries to now arrive on your mobile phone. Just like the kings and queens of India, your destiny of the game and your strategy of moving your chips.

– No internet connection is required!
– Computer, or 2 to 4 players modes
– Great graphics with layered png
– Powerful AI for computer mode
– save game progress and resume
– Admob Ads: Banner and Interstitials

How To :

  1. – Open Project Into Android Studio.
  2. – Change the package name
  3. – How to Change Graphics game.
  4. – How to Change Audio game.
  5. – How to change the Admob Banner and Interstitial ID.
  6. – Change Your Privacy policy, and review Url. (GDPR)

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

    version 2021_10_04:
+ Added support for API-30
–  Remove Cordova plugins.