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Recover Deleted Photo – Android API31, SDK20.5.0

Recover Deleted photo is an application that has a very high search on google play because most people lose photos and want to recover them, with this application you can win a lot of agents.

This application is for illiterate users, those who delete an image in the gallery and do not know how to search in the hidden directory, then the image can be in a hidden directory (WhatsApp folder for example) so this application can help these users to recover their images.

NB: This app does not restore a deleted image on memory but it is effective to search hidden photos on a mobile phone it is about it is designed for illiterate users


– Scan and recover deleted photos

– Android source code

– Admob (Banner + Interstitial)

– Share, more, and rate app

– Privacy policy pdf link

– GDPR in MainActivity

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